Carry Me On

by Michael Rossback

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released December 3, 2009

Carry Me On EP - Michael Rossback

1. Don't Rush Me
2. Carry Me On
3. Streets of Baltimore
4. Brace Yourself
5. On the Wire

All songs written by Michael Rossback.
Produced by Jamie Kenny.
Recorded by Jamie Kenny in Nashville, TN.

Photography by:
Graphic Design by Mykal Cave



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Michael Rossback Colorado

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Track Name: Don't Rush Me
Don't look to the left
Cus I'm on your right
You're making it hard for me to sleep tonight

And if we will be
Just what we will be
You'll push me away but I could never leave

I'll be on the other side
You'll see
As long as you don't rush me
I'll be everything you need

And times running out
But you'd never know
You look to the sky
But nothings there to show

And if we will be
Just what we will be
You'll still push me away but I could never leave


Oh you've tried but you can't let go
And you love cus it's all you know
Hold tight but you lose control

Oh when it gets cold outside
And no one's there to catch your size
You've found what your looking for

Track Name: Carry Me On
Isn't it strange
That you could be someone today
Tomorrow can take that away from you

And isn't it strange
That you can care for someone's soul
You hold on tight just to let go
Oh no did you let go

Just let me be
To walk alone on empty streets
And all the things that you might say
Carry Me On

And change
Is all that we are looking for
We have it all but still we want more
Oh no

I worry about the blame
For all the years that I've lived for me
I've found out that nothing could please me
'Till I give it away


I could change
Just show me where to put my faith
I'm a fake
But aren't we all?
Yeah aren't we all?
Just let me be


So carry me on
Track Name: Streets of Baltimore
Come on come on
Don't leave me here to live on my own
There'll never be a better time

So stick around just to see
Where the streets of Baltimore just might lead
If you want to we don't have to leave

And oh we'll be living in our best days
You won't ever wonder if its love
Cus wherever you go you know
I'll call it home

Don't take too long
I know you've got some things going on
Just as long as I know when you're done

You'll make your way out to me
And we'll discover just what we will be
And if you want, tomorrow we can leave


Over the edge
I'm falling
Over the edge

Track Name: Brace Yourself
Brace yourself
Its love
You found me here waiting
You found me before you
With nothing to lose

Except myself
And we are becoming
But its all depending
On what you might do

You gave me reason to love
Take my fear and turn it to trust
And that just what Im living for

And I call it love
I call it love
I call it love

So take
A breath
And see
Its love in the making
Its love you've been chasing
And its love that you need

And you can't deny
What we are becoming
And its all depending
What you might do


You, you gave me reason to love
You take my fear and turn it to trust
And thats just what I'm living for

And I call it love
Track Name: On the Wire
On the wire
We are holding to
You are onto me
And I'm onto you

We could take this slow
See just where it leads
Maybe drop the ropes
That they put on you
And me

This is everything I wanted
I'll make it everything you wanted
I'll be

Would you slow it down
Cus I've lost control
I'm not holding back
And you won't let go

So carry my name for a day
And see how it suits
I know you'll feel it
Maybe we'll make our mistakes
But I'll always know just what you're feeling

Cus I believe in love
I believe in love

So pull this car over
And let me love on you
Shadows of covers
Uncover you


Cus I believe in love
I believe in love